Corporate Experience

RK & Associates is a consulting firm that specializes in facilitating the development of athletic projects by performing the following:

  • Delivering budgets
  • Providing field design and layouts for specific athletic events
  • Determining construction needs and identifying same with specifications
  • Preparing tender/bid documents
  • Completing bid analysis and providing project supervision

We have been an integral part in the construction of over 70 Artificial Turf projects over the last 14 years in Ontario, representing close to 50% of the fields built in this time period. RK & Associates is continuously keeping in touch with changes, trends, new construction techniques/products and technical information such as testing requirements for artificial turf performance and durability. Our attention to detail and communication during the construction phase of our projects ensures our clients an excellent end result. Our level of attention to detail and quality control is second to none in this industry, as is our knowledge and experience with artificial turf projects.

We are leaders in this industry and continue to follow trends and design initiatives. We are an active member of the Synthetic Turf Council for North America and attend their conferences and meetings to further our knowledge.

Our high level of attention to detail and quality control are the main reasons for our success and for our clients’ successful projects.

The Team

Robert HawkeArtificial Turf and Drainage Consultant
Robert has been involved from a design, tender and project management standpoint in over 60 projects over the last 13 years. As one of the original founders of RK & Associates, Robert has watched and learned as the artificial turf industry has grown and changed. With less than five artificial turf fields in 2002, Robert has been involved with over 50% of the now over 100 turf fields in Ontario.

Robert is an expert in the base/drainage design and construction for artificial turf fields. Working alongside our civil engineer on design and will inspecting the construction on a regular basis.

Robert’s on-site inspection and supervision is a big part of RK & Associate’s success. Our team has a hands-on approach to the construction project and our experience gives us the required background to both deal with issues and challenges efficiently, as well as foresee issues before they occur.

Robert has a strong knowledge and background in health and safety which is always a positive for the construction site. As an active participating member of the Synthetic Turf Council, Robert continually attends conferences and workshops to enhance his industry knowledge.

Mark KlementtiArtificial Turf Consultant
With over 30 artificial turf projects over the past 9 years, Mark has a high level of experience and background. Success is imminent with Mark Klementti; an active member of the Synthetic Turf Council and a background in management.